Training Aids

  • Tropiclean Bitter Stay Away 8oz

    Tropiclean Bitter Stay Away 8oz(236ml)

    There's one sentence some pet pals just refuse to learn: "That's not a chew toy!" TropiClean Stay Away Chew Deterrent makes sure your dog or cat sticks to his own toys instead of gnawing on the sofa leg, plants, or even their own wounds. The chew...
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  • NV Potty Here 8oz.(227ml) NV Potty Product Features

    NV Potty Here 8oz.(227ml)

    Potty Here™ Training Aid Spray for outdoor and indoor use.Helps train puppies and dogs of all ages where to potty. The unique attractant scent will encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. Great For: Outdoor Areas, Artificial...
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